At Paradise Garden we give pets a safe and comfortable place to live until we can find them a loving forever home. Not all of our adoptable animals are young and beautiful, but all of them can bring companionship and joy to someone’s life.

Until there is a home for every animal, we stress population management. Every juvenile and adult cat and dog that comes through the haven is spayed or neutered. If the animal is too young, we make provisions for them to be “fixed” at the appropriate age. The animals at our haven have a lot of love to give! Adopting a haven animal can be one of the most rewarding acts of a lifetime!

If you’re unable to adopt you might want to consider “sponsoring” a pet for $10 a month. You’ll get updates on your sponsor pet. We work in concert with a number of agencies, including the Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA and the Shelter Outreach Services of Ithaca.

Visit us at the haven in Woodhull or visit our web site to learn more about us and all the animals in our care. CONSIDER A DONATION OF TIME, MONEY AND/OR ITEMS FOR THE HAVEN

Your donations help in so many ways:

  • capital improvements
  • funds to support spay/neuter days
  • provide food and medicine
  • promote our services
  • support fund-raising activities
  • expanding our kennels
  • support public awareness
  • serve a wider geographic area
  • help more deserving animals


We are a non-profit organization: 501(C)3 All donations are tax deductible.

Paradise Garden Animal Haven ~ 598 Kent Hill Road Woodhull, NY
607-458-5785 ~